Isaac Watts Avent



Isaac Watts Avent was born September 08,1823 in Chatham Co., NC and died January 18, 1900 in Lillington, Harnett Co., NC and is buried at Cokesbury Methodist Church in Duncan, Harnett Co., NC. He was the son of William Avent (1775-1841), who was named a trainee Methodist minister in 1789 (at the age of 14) and ordained in 1801. Here is William's signature, from an 1832 document:


William's father was John Avent, who founded Avent Ferry in the 1770's. Isaac was a prominent Methodist circuit riding minister for over 50 years, founding several churches that still exist today.  Here are some excerpts from a book by Franklin Grill, "Methodism in the Upper Cape Fear Valley" which contain much fascinating information on the lives and ministries of Rev. William Avent and Rev. Isaac Watts Avent, as well as on the history of the Avent family in general.

Here is Isaac Avent's grave, located at Cokesbury United Methodist Church, Duncan, NC.