Aventon, Nash Co., NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Avent, Allen  1776Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0082
2 Avent, Charity Dawson  13 Apr 1841Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0810
3 Avent, Edna Rogers  1911Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3227
4 Avent, Effie Mallory  25 Dec 1906Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3225
5 Avent, Emilie Petronella   I0872
6 Avent, Emily Spencer  1885Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0458
7 Avent, Ernest Hampton  2 Sep 1882Aventon, Nash Co., NC I2835
8 Avent, Estelle  1871Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3207
9 Avent, Eula Lee  2 May 1877Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0801
10 Avent, Eva May  1883Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3210
11 Avent, Francis  1859Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3202
12 Avent, Frank Vernon  16 Oct 1879Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0457
13 Avent, Frank Vernon Jr.   I0873
14 Avent, Henry Maurice  25 Aug 1874Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0100
15 Avent, James A  7 Nov 1785Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0013
16 Avent, James Williams  16 Sep 1839Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0004
17 Avent, Lena Dale  1926Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3229
18 Avent, Mable Mae  7 Sep 1892Aventon, Nash Co., NC I2838
19 Avent, Margaret Clancy  2 Apr 1909Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3226
20 Avent, Martha Verona  4 Aug 1842Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0689
21 Avent, Mary "Polly"  23 July 1787Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0091
22 Avent, Mary Eaton  1881Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0597
23 Avent, Mary Eaton  30 Jul 1904Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0875
24 Avent, Mary Edith  13 Sep 1918Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3228
25 Avent, Myrtle Irene  5 Oct 1901Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3223
26 Avent, Pattie Elizabeth  26 May 1884Aventon, Nash Co., NC I2836
27 Avent, Paul J.  1873Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3204
28 Avent, Rosa Bryan  1889Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0879
29 Avent, Sallie  1860Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3203
30 Avent, Thomas Vernon  15 Aug 1845Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0098
31 Avent, Thomas Ward  20 Jul 1815Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0096
32 Avent, Wade  9 Nov 1890Aventon, Nash Co., NC I2837
33 Avent, Walter  1869Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3206
34 Avent, Walter Pettigrew  8 May 1874Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3205
35 Avent, Wavely Garland  2 Apr 1930Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0102
36 Avent, William James  22 Sep 1903Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3224
37 Avent, William Maurice  2 Sep 1905Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0874
38 Avent, II, Thomas Vernon  1890Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3209
39 Avent, Jr., Thomas Vernon  1873Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3208
40 Saunders, Mary Ila  23 Jun 1880Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Avent, Charity Dawson  13 Mar 1898Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0810
2 Avent, Edna Rogers  1911Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3227
3 Avent, Estelle  1872Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3207
4 Avent, Eva May  1884Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3210
5 Avent, James A  6 Oct 1832Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0013
6 Avent, Lena Dale  1926Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3229
7 Avent, Martha Verona  28 Nov 1893Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0689
8 Avent, Mary Eaton  23 May 1905Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0875
9 Avent, Mary Eaton  1930Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0597
10 Avent, Thomas Vernon  4 Jan 1911Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0098
11 Avent, Thomas Ward  11 Sep 1900Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0096
12 Avent, Wade  24 Jun 1892Aventon, Nash Co., NC I2837
13 Avent, Walter  1870Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3206
14 Avent, Walter Pettigrew  17 Aug 1950Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3205
15 Avent, II, Thomas Vernon  1891Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3209
16 Avent, Jr., Thomas Vernon  1873Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3208


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Avent, Charles Claudius  Aventon, Nash Co., NC I3179
2 Avent, James Thomas  Aventon, Nash Co., NC I2378
3 Hart, Emily Spencer  Aventon, Nash Co., NC I0677
4 Young, Margaret Clancy Patterson  Aventon, Nash Co., NC I2379


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Avent / Gardner  Abt 1814Aventon, Nash Co., NC F312