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This part of the Avent website contains detailed information on individuals and families, as well as photos and other features. You can search for a specific individual using the boxes to the right, or click 'Surnames' to browse the surnames on the site. You might want to start with the founder of the Avent family in America, Col. Thomas Avent. Each individual's page has a section at the bottom with notes and sources. These notes come straight from my own notes, so some may be a little cryptic. Judge for yourself how reliable my sources are and if my interpretation is correct. Registration is not required to use this site - you only need to register if you wish to download a GEDCOM file of the data contained here.

The picture to the left (or above, if you're on a mobile device) is of George Washington Avent ,(1844-1933) of Lafayette County, MS, and his family. He was a farmer and a veteran of the Civil War, serving in the 22 MS Infantry.

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