James Avent

James Avent

Male 1865 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  James Avent was born 1865, MS (son of John J. Avent and Rebecca Unknown).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  John J. Avent was born 1830 (son of John Avent and Mary Burt).


    On 1850 Choctaw Co census age 20, wife Susan, age 19 and son Henry, age 1. On 1860 Choctaw Co. census, Susan has apparently died and John remarried (unless Susan and Rebecca are the same person. Could be-the ages match.). It shows John J. Avant, 30, wife Rebecca, 29, son Henry is now 10 and there are more children:
    Caroline, 9
    William A., 8
    Joseph A., 5
    Salena F., 4
    Mursey T., 1

    1860 MS census, Choctaw Co.:

    J.J. Avant, 30, b. GA
    Rebecca, 29. b. GA
    Henry I., 10
    Caroline, 9
    William A., 8
    Joseph A., 5
    Salena F., 4
    Mursey T., 1

    On 1870 Panola Co., MS, census we have:

    Avent, John, 39
    Rebecca, 35
    Carrie, 18 ("Caroline" in 1860 census)
    William, 17 ("William A." in 1860)
    Alonzo, 15 ("Joseph A." in 1860)
    Murzy, 11
    Adeline, 9
    James, 5
    Clinton, 2

    may or may not be the same man:

    U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
    Name: John Avant
    Side: Confederate
    Regiment State/Origin: Mississippi
    Regiment Name: 3 Mississippi Infantry (State Troops)
    Regiment Name Expanded: 3rd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry (State Troops)
    Rank In: Private
    Rank In Expanded: Private
    Rank Out: Private
    Rank Out Expanded: Private
    Film Number: M232 roll 2

    John — Rebecca Unknown. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Rebecca Unknown
    1. Henry Avent was born 1849, Choctaw Co., MS.
    2. Caroline Avent was born 1851, Choctaw Co., MS.
    3. William A. Avent was born 1852, Choctaw Co., MS.
    4. Joseph Alonzo Avent was born 1855, Choctaw Co., MS.
    5. Salena F. Avent was born 1856, Choctaw Co., MS.
    6. Mursey T. Avent was born 1859, Choctaw Co., MS.
    7. Adaline Avent was born 1861, MS.
    8. 1. James Avent was born 1865, MS.
    9. Clinton Avent was born 1868, MS; died bet. 1900 and 1910, MS.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  John Avent was born ABT. 1795, North Carolina (son of Peter Avent and Susannah Unknown); died BEF. 1860, Choctaw Co., MS.


    Benjamin moved to Lafayette, Oxford, Ms.by 1840
    John moved to Choctaw Co. Ms. by 1840
    William moved to Dawson, Terrell, Ga. after 1840

    marriage source:
    Title: Putnam County, Georgia Marriage Records: 1808-1850
    Abbrev: Putnam County, GA Marriages
    Publication: Francis T. Ingmire, St. Louis, Missouri, 1985

    Does anyone know where Drewery (Drowery) Avent came from and went to? I am trying to find the Parents of my John W. Avent who is first found in 1840 Talbot Co. Ga. born 1811
    and according to later census records-NC.
    (In 1820 Ga, we have only the Ransome Avent bunch)
    (Washington Co. Ga)

    Abbrev: 1830 U.S. Census of Talbot Co, GAJohn AVENT - he
    Title: 1830 U.S. Census of Talbot Co, GA
    John AVENT - head of household
    1m 10-15 (Henry)?
    1m 40-50 (John)?
    1f <5 (Caroline M.)?
    1f 5-10
    2f 10-15
    1f 30-40 (Mary)?

    Abbrev: 1830 U.S.Census of Choctaw Co, MSAvant, John b
    Title: 1830 U.S.Census of Choctaw Co, MS
    Avant, John b 1785 SC
    Mary 1795 NC (wife)
    Henry C. 1820 GA (son)
    Caroline M. 1825 GA (daughter)
    John J. 1830 GA (son)
    Mary 1836 GA (daughter)
    1840 Census of Choctaw Co, MS
    Avant, John - head of household
    1m 50-60 yrs (John)
    1f 40-50 (Mary)
    1m 10-15
    1f <5

    Abbrev: 1850 U.S. Census of Choctaw Co, MSJohn Avant age
    Title: 1850 U.S. Census of Choctaw Co, MS
    John Avant age 65 b SC (Farmer) father-SC, mother-NC
    Mary 55 b NC (wife)
    Mary 14 b GA (daughter)

    1860 U.S. Census of Choctaw Co, MS
    Mary Avant 65 b NCc

    Title: GEDCOM file imported on 22 Nov 1998.
    Author: R. A. FERGUSON

    Female AVANT b: BET 1815 AND 1820 in GA (near Atlanta)
    Henry C. Captain AVENT\ AVANT b: 1820 in GA (near Atlanta)
    Caroline M. J. AVANT b: 1823/24 in Talbot Co, GA
    Female AVANT b: BET 1825 AND 1830 in GA (near Atlanta)
    John J. AVANT b: 1830 in GA (near Atlanta)
    Mary AVANT b: 1834 in GA (near Atlanta)

    Talbot Deed Bk C
    pg 508
    2 Nov 1834
    Peter F. Mahone to William H. Nixon
    $250 1st Dis LL18
    known as Lockhart Fraction 56 acres
    Wit: John N. Turner, John Avent, S. Strickland, JP
    Recorded 7 Oct 1835 - Frederick A. Bailey, Ck

    Notes on John:
    1813 Tax List Putnam Co Ga.
    Putnam Pulaski
    1815- Oct 19 Georgia Pioneers Publication issue May 1985 Vol. 22 #2 pg. 52
    Putnam Co. Ga. marriages show: John Averst and m Polly Burt 19 Oct 1815 .. from Bobbie Day Shehling to Barbara Goodson on internet BEG@tntech.edu
    1820 Jones 139 Clinton 1827 Jones Drew land 1830 Talbot.
    Another death place Choctaw Co MS ...
    1827- Aug. 1 John Burt son of John dec'd Al.-Guardian
    1827- Nov. 11 John witnessed deed
    1830- Talbot Census
    W/ Male 10-15 (1815-20)
    He was 40/50 (1780-90)
    Female 10-15 (1815-20_
    Female 30-40 (1790-1800)
    1830-Mar. 6 Talbot Deed to Joseph L. David $1500 Lot 65
    Originally 23rd Dist. Muscoogee. Recorded 9 years later
    1840 Choctaw Co. Ms. he was born 1780/90 f 1790/1800 m 1825/30 f 1830/5
    1850 same born 1785 SC Mary b 1795 NC Mary b 1836 Ga.
    Avents in 1830 Talbot Co., GA census
    Avent, William
    Avent, (Averett) Benjamin
    Avent, John 0010001 112001 9
    JONES COUNTY, GA - TAXLISTS Alphabetical
    1816 Tax List Alphabetical
    Avent, John

    War of 1812 roster:
    AVENT JOHN Thomas' GA Militia Reg't 2 PRIVATE PRIVATE 7

    John married Mary Burt 19 Oct 1815, Putnam Co., GA. Mary (daughter of John Burt and Hannah Unknown) was born 1795, North Carolina; died AFT. 1860, Choctaw Co., MS. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Mary Burt was born 1795, North Carolina (daughter of John Burt and Hannah Unknown); died AFT. 1860, Choctaw Co., MS.


    Mary "Polly" Burt b 1795 NC m 1815 Putnam Co. Ga John Aven (Avant-Avent)
    No more on Mary, but John was son of Peter and
    Susannah. >8 census children, I only have 5 named to date.
    >Ms. Gerry Hill 3311 Westgate Dr. Albany, Ga. 31707

    Hi Gerry,

    I have quite a few Mary Burts in my database, but none born 1795. Being
    from NC and living in Putnam Co., GA she is probably a granddaughter of
    Joseph and Elizabeth Burt.

    This info is from Georgia Pioneers Publication issue May 1985 Vol 22 #2
    pg52. Putnam Co GA marriages show:

    Averstand (?), John -m- Polly Burt 19 Oct 1815. (It is written just
    this way).


    Title: Putnam County, Georgia Marriage Records: 1808-1850
    Abbrev: Putnam County, GA Marriages
    Publication: Francis T. Ingmire, St. Louis, Missouri, 1985

    1. Caroline Avent
    2. Henry Clay Avent was born 19 May 1820, Talbot Co., GA; died 18 Aug 1897, Webster Co., MS; was buried , Old Cumberland Cemetery, Cumberland, MS.
    3. 2. John J. Avent was born 1830.
    4. Mary Avent was born 1834.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Peter Avent was born BET. 1750 - 1760, NC or VA; died Between 7 Jul 1834 - 1840, Talbot Co., GA.


    This Peter was the founder of two large branches of the Avent family in MS, but his link to Col. Thomas Avent (founder of the family in America) has never been proven, since Peter's parents are unknown. However, recent DNA testing (see the 'Avent DNA Studies' page, accessible from the main page of the website) proves, or at least strongly suggests, that he was a descendant of Col. Thomas Avent of VA. The webmaster's descent from Col. Thomas is rock-solid, and has been proven with substantial hard documentation. His DNA was recently tested, as was that of a Robert Avent of MS, who is a descendant of Peter Avent, and it was a perfect match. It was also a relatively rare type of DNA, which makes the results that much more credible.

    It is the webmaster's belief that this Peter Avent was likely the grandson of Col. Thomas Avent's son Peter.

    Peter's son Benjamin Edward Avent was the founder of the Lafayette Co., MS branch of the family. Peter Avent's granddaughter, Eliza O. (Fredonia Avent) Goolsby, (daughter of Benjamin Edward Avent) wrote that Benjamin Avent (b. 1799) was a son of Susannah and Peter Avent. She was born approx. 10 years after Peter's likely death, so numerous people would've been living who could have corrected her if this was incorrect. Benjamin himself lived until 1879, so he certainly could have. This makes it seem very likely that the 'Peter and Susannah' reference is correct.

    This Peter Avent is frequently attributed with a birth date of 1749 and a birthplace of Albemarle Parish, Sussex co., VA. This is a different Peter. John Avent (son of Col. Thomas) and wife Margaret (later Solomon) had a son named Peter, born in Albemarle Parish in 1749, but he died unmarried in VA in 1800. His will can be seen in the 'Documents' section of this website.

    The most likely assumption as to his parents is that he was a grandson of Col. Thomas' son Peter. This Peter had several sons (William, Isham, Joseph, John, Thomas), each of whom could've been his father and named him after their father Peter.

    Son Joseph moved to GA and became a soldier in the Continental Army during the revolution, and his children are fairly well documented, so he is likely not the father, so that leaves Isham, William, John or Thomas. Nothing (as far as I know) is known of them or their descendants.

    Also, we know that Col. Thomas' son Peter moved to Cumberland Co., NC, and there is a 'Peter Avin' in Cumberland Co. census records that fits well with what we know of Peter, husband of Susannah, who later moved to Talbot Co., GA. The census reference:

    (Peter "Avin/Aven" does not show up in the 1830 Cumberland Co. census, and we know that Peter, husband of Susannah, was in GA by 1830):

    1810 Cumberland County, NC
    Peter Avin
    1 male to 10
    2 males 10 to 15
    1 male 45 up
    1 female to 10
    1 female 16 to 25
    1 female 26 to 44

    In 1810 the Talbot Co., GA Peter Avent should've had 1 son < 10 years old (William R.) and 2 sons 10-15 (John and Benjamin Edward), which is exactly what is listed for Peter Avin of Cumberland Co., NC in the above census record. (We are able to deduce the ages of Talbot Co. Peter Avent's sons from census records.) Also, in 1820:

    1820 Cumberland County, NC
    Peter Aven
    2 males to 10
    1 male 16 to 26
    1 male 45 up
    1 female to 10
    1 female 10 to 16
    1 female 16 to 26
    1 female 45 up
    Next door to Timothy Truelove in 1820.

    Other evidence indicates Peter Avent of Talbot Co., GA (founder of the MS branch of the family) was born around 1760, and that is a pretty close match for the above "Peter Avin/Aven" (1810 census shows a male 45+, who is likely Peter. His wife is 26-44 so it's reasonable to assume that Peter was not too much older than 45-50.)

    We know that Peter Avent (son of Col. Thomas) lived in Cumberland Co., NC, so that reinforces the assumption that Peter Avent of Talbot Co., GA (founder of the MS branch of the family) was the son of one of Peter Avent's (son of Col. Thomas) sons. Also, of course, the fact that they're both named 'Peter'.

    Will of Peter Avent (son of Col. Thomas Avent):

    May 19 1779 Northampton NC Will Bk 1 pp 215-6 13 May 1779
    Proved Sep Court 1779 Northampton NC.
    mentions sons William, Isham, Joseph, John, Thomas (also several daughters).
    The 1830 Talbot Co census shows Peter Avent's son William having a man 70-80 years old b. 1750-1760 living in his household who could be Peter Avent, William's father. An earlier Peter Avent married Elizabeth Sims in Brunswick CO VA in 1774 but not sure if this is the same one that later lived in Talbot Co. Col Thomas' son Peter had sons Isham and William who witnessed a deed in Brunswick Co in 1769.

    does not show up on 1840 census

    1832 Cherokee land lottery
    Peter Avent, Edwards's, Talbot.

    from the web (?):
    Marriage Date abt 1789
    Marriage Place Halifax County, North Carolina

    Children John (~1795-<1860)
    Benjamin Edward (1799-1878)
    William (1804-)

    GEORGIA DEEDS Land Lottery - Cherokee Land 1832 - 6th Dist Section 1 (Union/Lumpkin Counties)
    Peter Avent, Edwards's, Talbot.
    Benjamin Avent, Edwards's, Talbot.

    from: Ollie Patton and Benjamin Avent : their ancestors and descendants
    by Clara Lorene Cammack Park; Wilbur Goolsby Park

    Peter Avent's granddaughter, Eliza O. (Fredonia Avent) Goolsby, prepared on ledger paper a family record, which is inserted in her own family Bible. Eliza O. assisted by her daughter Ollie (Goolsby) Park, wrote that Benjamin Avent (b. 1799) was a son of Susannah and Peter Avent, but they did not write birthdates or death dates for Susanna and Peter. This Bible and the family record inserted therein is, in 1990, in the possession of Wilbur Goolsby Park, Sr., of El Paso, TX. Wilbur is a g-g-grandson of Susannah and Peter: Peter, Benjamin, Eliza O. (Avent) Goolsby, Ollie (Goolsby) Park, Wilbur Goolsby Park, Sr.

    Another reference to Benjamin's being a son of Susannah and Peter Avent is on the back of a picture which was in the possession of Ira M. Avant (The Avent men who came to Texas changed the spelling of their name to Avant.) of Shreveport, LA. The inscription on the back of the picture is "Grandparents of B.F. Avant. Benjamin Avant, son of Susanna and Peter, born Sept. 5, 1799. Died Oct. 17, age 79 years 6 mo 1878. Olive C. Patton dau of Samuel and Mary Patton born March 27, 1807. Died Jan. age 56 years 1863" See page 122.

    Benjamin Avent's great-grandson, Ira M. Avent, who has possession of the picture was born and raised in Texas, either in Atacose Co. or in San Antonio. Ira M. was a son of Benjamin Franklin Avant, who died at age 44 years when he fell from a cliff near Medina TX in 1895. Ira M. was a grandson of Francis Marion Avant, who was a brother of Eliza O. (Avent) Goolsby. Francis Marion Avant moved from Lafayette Springs, MS, to Atacose Co., TX, prior to 1855 (The US census, Atacosa Co., TX, 1870, shows that Francis Marion Avant's son Francis Marion, Jr., was born in TX ca. 1855).

    Eliza O. (Avent) Goolsby, who wrote the family data on ledger paper, was born in 1842 in Lafayette Co., MS, and lived there until ca. 1900. Thus, a source from Lafayette Springs and another source from Texas both recite that Benjamin Avent was a son of Susannah and Peter Avent. We, Clara and Wilbur Park, have not seen the picture, but reliable descndants of Francis Marion Avant told us about it and sent us an exact transcript of the inscription.

    Slight differences in the inscription from the picture and the record in Eliza O. (Avent) Goolsby's family Bible should cause no basic problems. The MS record has Benjamin's birthday as April 5, 1799, whereas the Texas picture has it as September 5, 1799. Althought both the Bible record and the picture inscription have Oct. 17, 1878, as his death date, his tombstone shows Oct. 26, 1878. Our opinion is that the engraver made a mistake. For Olive C. (Patton) Avent's death date, the Bible has "Jan 2, 1863/4"; whereas, the picture has only "1863". Her tombstone has Jan. 3, 1864. These slight differences do not, so far as we are concerned, adversely affect the reliability of the two sources. The main point is that Benjamin Avent (B. 1799) is verified as the son of Susannah and Peter Avent.

    According to the 1850, 1860 and 1870 US censuses of Lafayette Co., MS, Peter's son Benjamin was born in NC in 1799. Thus, our opinion is that Peter and Susannah Avent were living in NC in 1799. But, after having pursued numerous Avent records in NC, we did not succeed in finding reliable documentation for our Peter Avent in that state. Maybe someone else can do so.

    We can identify positively only one of Peter Avent's children:

    I. Benjamin Avent, born 1799. See page 5.

    Circumstantial evidence indicates that Peter had at least three other children:

    II. William Avent. See page 3.
    III. John Avent. See page 4.
    IV. Elizabeth Avent. See page 4.

    Although we did not find Peter Avent's name in Wilkes Co. or Oglethorpe Co, GA, he was a "fortunate drawer" in Talbot Co., GA, Edward's District, in 1832, in the Cherokee Land Lottery, in which he drew 16 acres in the Second Section, District 6, Lot 146. (Surveyor Gen. Dept., Office of Se, of State, Archives & Records Bldg., Atlanta. Orig. Grant Book entitled"Cherokee -2- Land - Section 6-7.)

    On April 25, 1834, Peter Avent in Talbot Co., GA, executed a deed selling his rights in Lot 146 to Benjamin Avent in consideration of $15. This deed is recorded in Gilmer Co. where the land was when that county was organized. Five years later, on August 6, 1839, Benjamin Avent of Talbot Co. sold Lot 146 lying in Gilmer Co. to John J. Wilkinson of Talbot Co. in consideration of $100. This deed, too, was recorded in Gilmer Co.,

    Peter Avent was living in Talbot Co. on July 7, 1834, when the Minutes of the Court of Ordinary refer to him in this way: "It appearing to the court that Peter Avent is old and infirm and without the means of support. On motion it is ordered that the county Treasurer pay the said Peter Avent "or his 'ord (sic.)" the sum of $24 for his support and maintenance to the first day of Jan next of any money not otherwise appropriated." (Talbot Co., GA, Minutes of Court of Ordinary, July 1834, p. 406.)

    This order for charity seems rather puzzlilng since one son, Benjamin, and another son, William, lived in Talbot Co. where they owned property. His son Benjamin had a wife and seven children in Talbot Co. in 1834, and William Avent had a wife and four children in 1834. Perhaps Peter refused to accept help from his relatives. At any rate, Peter Avent died after July 7, 1834, probably in Talbot Co., GA. We did not find his name in records of Lafayette Co., MS, where his son Benjamin moved ca. 1839/1840. Even so, his grandchildren in MS and in TX seemed to know that Peter was their grandfather.

    In Talbot Co., GA, in the 1830 US census, a man 70 to 80 years old was enumerated in the household of Hannah (Goolsby) and William Avent. This old man was probably Peter Avent.

    end of quote from book.
    one source says w/o giving sources:
    "CAME TO N.C. FROM VA. BEFORE 1799, MOVED TO OGLETHORPE CO. GEORGIA c1821, MOVED TO TALBOT CO. GEORGIA c1839." None of the evidence we have on Peter contradicts any of this, except we know he was likely in Talbot Co., GA, by 1832 because he and his son Benjamin received land in the Cherokee land lottery in 1832.

    ID: I21448
    Name: Peter Avent
    Sex: M
    Birth: 1779 in North Carolina
    Death: in Mississippi
    Reference Number: Ind21387

    Father: Isham Avent b: 1744 in Northampton Co., North Carolina
    ### We know Col. Thomas Avent's son Peter had a son named Isham.)

    Peter married Susannah Unknown ABT. 1789, Halifax Co., NC. Susannah was born 1766-1771; died 1850. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Susannah Unknown was born 1766-1771; died 1850.


    from the web (?):
    "Peter Avent, wife Susannah
    Marriage Date abt 1789
    Marriage Place Halifax County, North Carolina"

    The wife of 'Peter Avin' of Cumberland Co., NC (see Susannah's husband Peter's record for details) is 26-44 on 1810 census, so was born between 1766 and 1784. If we assume that the 1789 marriage date is correct (I know this is a stretch) then she should've been at least 18 when married, so this gives a birth date of before 1771. Therefore I'm assuming she was born between 1766 and 1771.

    Last name often given as 'Judkins', but not aware of any evidence for this. Some also say it may be 'Judson', but again no evidence.

    Found online (with no sources):

    Susannah JUDKINS
    Sex: F
    Birth: 14 FEB 1739/40; Surry Co., VA
    Death: BEF 1798

    Father: Charles JUDKINS (Jr.) [b. ABT 1707; d. 24 FEB 1774]
    Mother: Sarah GRAY [b. ABT 1711; d. BEF NOV 1773]

    Husband: Peter AVENT [b. 4 FEB 1749/50; d. 7 JUL 1834]

    Marriage: ABT 1771
    Found elsewhere on web (no sources):
    "...Sarah Gray born Essex VA w/o Charles Judkins born Abt 1690 Surry Co VA died 2/24/1774 Sussex Co VA"

    1. Elizabeth Avent
    2. 4. John Avent was born ABT. 1795, North Carolina; died BEF. 1860, Choctaw Co., MS.
    3. Benjamin Edward Avent was born 5 Apr 1799, Halifax Co., NC; died 17 Oct 1878, Lafayette Co., MS; was buried , Liberty Hill Cem, Lafayette Co, MS.
    4. William R. Avent was born 1802, North Carolina; died Between 5 Jun and 9 Aug 1860, Terrell Co., GA.

  3. 10.  John Burt died Sep 1827, Autauga co., AL.


    John Burt, of Autauga County, Alabama, died about September of 1827 [1]. His wife was Hannah [-?-] [2], who was probably born about 1775 [3].

    It is believed that this John Burt was the son of Joseph Burt Sr. of Halifax County, North Carolina, and that he was first married to Sarah Marshall in 1788. Definite proof of this is currently lacking. [4]

    Early Georgia tax digests found a John Burt listed in Tattnall Co. in 1802 and 1817, in Hancock Co. in 1804, and in Baldwin Co. in 1810 and 1815 (note that John Matthews and Mary "Polly" Burt were living in Baldwin Co., GA during this time period).

    The name John Bert appears on a muster roll of the 33rd Regiment, 2nd class Georgia Militia on 9 Nov 1814. John Burt also appeared in an 1810 Census in Capt. Watson's Military District, Baldwin Co., GA.

    Autauga County AL Orphans Court Minutes (Book 2, p. 72) reveal that the final estate settlement was made on 22 Feb 1830. On that date, a jury was summoned, on the complaint [7] of William Burt, who found that John Avent had received $562, William Burt $25, and Zacheus Burt $3 out of the estate, and that the other heirs had received nothing. After Stephen M. Burt, the administrator, appeared and reported on his proceedings, he was ordered to pay the following:

    to Hannah Burt widow of said John Burt, $982;
    to William Burt, $336.19;
    to Zacheus Burt, $358.18;
    to William Burt adm. of Joseph J. Burt, $361.51;
    to William Burt guardian of Jno. Burt, $361.51;
    to John Marshall guardian of Pendleton J. Marshall, $361.51;
    to Jno. Huddleston guardian of B. H. Burt, $361.51;
    to Jno. Huddleston guardian of Alex. H. Burt, $361.51;
    to Jno. Huddleston guardian of Eliza Burt, $361.51;
    to Jno. Huddleston guardian of Margaret Burt, $361.51;
    to Jno. Huddleston guardian of Francina Burt, $361.51.

    children of John Burt:

    Rebecca Burt [11]
    m. John Marshall 4 Feb 1810 Putnam Co., GA
    d. 7 Jun 1812 [12]
    Mary Burt [16]
    b. ca 1795
    m. John Avent 1815 Putnam Co., GA
    d. before 1860 Talbot Co., GA
    Stephen M. Burt [8]
    b. ca 1802 NC
    m. Ann [-?-]
    d. 1 March 1860 Carroll Co., MS [18]
    1830 census, Autauga Co., p.136:
    S. M. Burt 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1f 15-20, 1f 50-60
    Living in Oktibehha Co., MS in 1850. [14]
    [Dr.] William Jefferson Burt
    b. ca 1804 GA [16]
    m. 1) Caroline Walton Mathews 30 Sep 1828 Washington, Autauga Co., AL
    m. 2) Margaret A. Lyon 13 Oct 1853 Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS
    d. 19 Aug 1873 Lowndes Co., MS
    Zacheus Burt
    b. ca 1806 GA [13]
    m. Mary Billingsley [9]
    d. after 1850

    Joseph J. Burt
    d. ca April of 1829 Autauga Co., AL [10]
    John Burt
    b. after 1814
    Burrows H. Burt
    d. between 1830 and April 1837
    Alexander H. Burt
    Eliza Burt
    Margaret Burt
    Francina Burt [19]

    John — Hannah Unknown. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  Hannah Unknown
    1. 5. Mary Burt was born 1795, North Carolina; died AFT. 1860, Choctaw Co., MS.