Harnett Co., NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Austin, Ann  Harnett Co., NC I3247
2 Austin, Jean  Harnett Co., NC I3246
3 Austin, O'Neal  Harnett Co., NC I3248
4 Avent, Annie Louise  20 Sep 1921Harnett Co., NC I3239
5 Avent, Dubie R.  29 Oct 1927Harnett Co., NC I3242
6 Avent, Henry O'Dell  10 Apr 1934Harnett Co., NC I3244
7 Avent, James Lyne  21 Aug 1942Harnett Co., NC I3237
8 Avent, John Joseph  21 Feb 1872Harnett Co., NC I2024
9 Avent, Joseph Ira  15 Apr 1894Harnett Co., NC I1426
10 Avent, Josephine  29 Apr 1930Harnett Co., NC I3243
11 Avent, Leonidas Hillary  28 Jul 1857Harnett Co., NC I0295
12 Avent, Mary Frances   I3235
13 Avent, Mary Lula  12 Oct 1896Harnett Co., NC I1427
14 Avent, Paul  1924Harnett Co., NC I3236
15 Avent, Stanley Ray  17 Jul 1948Harnett Co., NC I3238
16 Avent, Virginia  9 Feb 1925Harnett Co., NC I3240
17 Avent, William Fleming  24 May 1931Harnett Co., NC I1336
18 Blanchard, Larry  Harnett Co., NC I3251
19 Blanchard, Lenn  Harnett Co., NC I3252
20 Blanchard, Wanda  Harnett Co., NC I3250
21 Holt, Howard Wright  27 Apr 1918Harnett Co., NC I3233
22 Holt, James Milton  Harnett Co., NC I3232
23 Holt, James Walker  1888Harnett Co., NC I1429
24 Holt, Lizzie Lillian  30 Jan 1924Harnett Co., NC I3234
25 Stephenson, Halla (?) D.  1898Harnett Co., NC I1885
26 Stephenson, Hersy (?) D.  1895Harnett Co., NC I1884
27 Stephenson, Hubert  1901Harnett Co., NC I1886
28 Stephenson, John Wade  1860Harnett Co., NC I1880
29 Stephenson, John Wade  5 Jun 1895Harnett Co., NC I1432
30 Stephenson, Laura (?) W.  1890Harnett Co., NC I1883
31 Stephenson, Silas D.  1829-30Harnett Co., NC I1929
32 Stephenson, Silas R.  1888Harnett Co., NC I1882
33 Unknown, Landis  ca. 1836Harnett Co., NC I1930


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Avent, Annie Louise  1989Harnett Co., NC I3239
2 Avent, Henry O'Dell  15 Oct 1959Harnett Co., NC I3244
3 Avent, Leonidas Hillary  10 Jan 1939Harnett Co., NC I0295
4 Avent, Lizzie Roberts  1969Harnett Co., NC I1424
5 Avent, Malcolm Watson  20 Feb 1973Harnett Co., NC I1428
6 Avent, Mary Lula  1941Harnett Co., NC I1427
7 Cotten, Laura Jane  1910Harnett Co., NC I0941
8 Holt, Howard Wright  2 May 1920Harnett Co., NC I3233
9 Holt, James Walker  1948Harnett Co., NC I1429
10 Holt, Lizzie Lillian  10 Feb 1924Harnett Co., NC I3234
11 Tutor, Marshall A.  08 Jan 1928Harnett Co., NC I3486


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Avent / Becham  14 Nov 1895Harnett Co., NC F006
2 Holt / Avent  20 Feb 1909Harnett Co., NC F411